ETEA MDCAT Reconduction and Transparency Update

The Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) has been at the forefront of conducting fair and transparent examinations in Pakistan. Among its significant responsibilities is the organization of the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT), which plays a pivotal role in determining the future of aspiring medical and dental students across the country. Recently, there has been a buzz surrounding the possibility of a reconduction of the ETEA MDCAT examination, raising questions about transparency and grace marks. In this update, we aim to clarify the current status of these concerns and provide information regarding the forthcoming meeting that will address them.

ETEA MDCAT Reconduction: What’s the Buzz?

The buzz about the ETEA MDCAT reconduction began circulating after the initial examination took place. Some students and parents expressed concerns about the fairness and validity of the test, leading to speculation about a possible reconduction. These concerns primarily revolve around the difficulty level of the paper and the performance of the candidates.

Official Statement: No Decision Yet

As of now, we would like to emphasize that no official meeting has taken place to discuss the reconduction of the ETEA MDCAT or the possibility of granting grace marks to candidates. It is crucial for all stakeholders, including students and parents, to rely on information solely from the official sources, such as the ETEA and PMDC websites.

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Upcoming Meeting on 15th September 2023

To address the growing concerns and speculations, an official meeting is scheduled for September 15, 2023. During this meeting, the committee will deliberate on various aspects related to the ETEA MDCAT, including the need for a reconduction and the potential provision of grace marks to candidates.


What to Expect?

It’s important to note that any decision regarding the reconduction of the test or the allocation of grace marks will be made following a thorough review and discussion by the committee. The decision will be based on the best interests of the students and the integrity of the examination process.

Notification Will Follow

Once the committee reaches a decision on the matter, an official notification will be issued. This notification will provide clear and detailed information about any changes or decisions made regarding the ETEA MDCAT examination.


In times of uncertainty and speculation, it’s essential to rely on official sources for accurate information. The ETEA and PMDC websites are your most reliable sources for updates on the ETEA MDCAT examination. As we await the outcome of the meeting scheduled for September 15, 2023, we urge all stakeholders to stay patient and trust the process. The ETEA has a longstanding commitment to fairness and transparency in educational testing, and we can expect that any decisions made will be in line with these principles and in the best interests of the students.

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